Canadian HBV Network


  • To improve management of HBV in Canada to include diagnosis, evaluation, therapy and decrease complications related to HBV.
  • To promote collaboration on national HBV studies and databases.
  • To advance our understanding of the Hepatitis B disease processes and natural history.

Who we are

The Canadian HBV Network is a collaborative organization of health care and associated professionals from across Canada with a primary interest in advancing excellence in Hepatitis B patient care, research and education.

Point Persons, Institutions, and Contacts

  • Robert Bailey, University of Alberta
  • Lisa Barrett, Dalhousie University
  • Mayur Brahmania, University of Toronto
  • Carla Coffin, University of Calgary
  • Stephen Congly, University of Calgary
  • Brian Conway, University of Ottawa
  • Curtis Cooper, University of Alberta
  • Karen Doucette, University of Alberta
  • John Farley
  • Jordan Feld, Toronto General Hospital Research Institute
  • Scott Fung, Toronto General Hospital Research Institute
  • Klaus Gutfreund, University of Alberta
  • Harry Janssen, Toronto General Hospital Research Institute
  • Kelly Kaita, University of Manitoba
  • Erin Kelly, University of Ottawa
  • Hin Hin Ko, University of British Columbia
  • Mel Krajden, University of British Columbia
  • Sam Lee, University of Calgary
  • Jennifer Leonard, Memorial University
  • Mang Ma, University of Alberta
  • Thomas Michalak, Memorial University
  • Gerry Minuk, University of Manitoba
  • Carla Osiowy, University of Manitoba
  • Alnoor Ramji, University of British Columbia
  • Leah Remington, University of Alberta
  • Laura Stinton, University of Calgary
  • Edward Tam, LAIR Centre
  • Cynthia Tsien, Toronto General Hospital
  • Lorne Tyrrell, University of Alberta
  • Sylvester Ukabam
  • Jean Phillipe Wallach
  • Sharon Walmsley, Toronto General Hospital
  • Alexander Wong
  • David Wong, Toronto General Hospital
  • Florence Wong, Toronto General Hospital
  • Phil Wong, McGill University
  • Winnie Wong, University of Alberta
  • Eric Yoshida, University of British Columbia

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