Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups Policy and Benefits
as at: January 12, 2017

CASL is committed to supporting the hepatology community in advancing research and networks to further knowledge and treatment options for liver disease.

In this spirit, we provide official endorsement of Special Interest Groups (SIGs), to promote collaboration of scientists and health care professionals from a range of disciplines who share common specialized interests in the field of hepatology.

Our current Special Interest Groups include:

  1. Alcohol-Related Liver Diseases
  2. Canadian HBV Network
  3. Canadian Pediatric Hepatology Research Group (CPHRG)
  4. Canadian NASH Network (CanNASH)
  5. Autoimmune Liver Diseases / CaNaL Registry
  6. Complications of Cirrhosis Group
  7. Transplant Group


Special interest groups wishing to be endorsed by CASL should provide an outline of the following to this email.:

1. Subject Area/Interest
2. Short Description
3. Number of meetings per year and purpose of meeting.
4. Any projects, either in progress, past, or proposed
5. Contact information for leads, and members of the group

In order to be endorsed, the chair of the special interest group must be a member of CASL.

As an endorsed Special Interest Group, CASL will provide the following:

1. Access to meeting space at the Canadian Liver Meeting each year, or if applicable, at single topic conferences.
2. A listing and description on the CASL website
3. Facilitate SIG communication among its membership.

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