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The field of hepatology is dynamic, with new evidence constantly emerging that has the potential to impact best practices in the delivery of care to Canadians living with liver disease.

The CASL Guidelines Committee has a mandate to authorize development of new or revised clinical practice guidelines or related documents, so CASL member expertise is translated into improved patient care.

All published manuscripts officially developed or endorsed by CASL will conform to a well-defined review and approval process. Publication will occur in peer-reviewed journals which may include the Canadian Liver Journal. Industry grants will not be utilized to directly fund guideline preparation and membership of the document working groups will aim to minimize any potential or perceived conflicts of interest.

CASL accepts submissions from members interested in developing a guidelines document twice per year:

  • Spring submissions due April 30th
  • Fall submissions due October 31st

Details on the requirements and process can be found in CASL’s Guidelines and Development Policy

Groups interested in developing a CASL-endorsed guidelines document should submit the following documents:

  1. Guidelines submission form linked HERE
  2. Summary of the proposed guidelines document
  3. Completed conflict of interest forms for all writing group members