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The field of Hepatology is dynamic and constantly evolving as new scientific evidence emerges that may substantially impact best practices in the delivery of patient care to Canadians living with liver disease.

The Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver (CASL) Executive – or their designates on the CASL Guidelines Committee -therefore may authorize the development of new or revised clinical practice guidelines or related CASL documents. The wealth of evolving clinical knowledge in the fields of both adult and pediatric hepatology necessitates that CASL regularly consider subject matter that may be appropriate for the creation of documents bearing the CASL name.

All published manuscripts officially developed or endorsed by CASL will conform to a well-defined review and approval process. Publication will occur in peer-reviewed journals which may include an official journal of CASL. Industry grants will not be utilized to directly fund guideline preparation and membership of the document working groups will aim to minimize any potential or perceived conflicts of interest.

To learn about the CASL guidelines and endorsement policies, refer to the document below.