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CASL CPD Mission Statement

The Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver is committed to optimizing and improving the liver health of Canadians by providing national leadership in education, and timely access to programming and resources in all aspects of medical research, therapies and physician competence pertaining to the liver.

We are a multidisciplinary group of doctors, scientists and health care providers whose practice, research, teaching and advocacy focus mainly on the liver. Over 80% of CASL’s members work primarily in an academic setting with nearly half of their time dedicated to research.

Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program promotes and provides opportunities for ongoing learning for CASL members and practitioners in hepatology, gastroenterology and other fields who may intersect with liver disease, as well as allied health professionals interested in liver disease.

Through a responsive process based on the evolving needs of our community, the goals of the CASL CPD program are to:

  • Assess the professional development needs of our community and target audience on a yearly basis as part of the evaluation process for our annual meeting;
  • Create and partner in educational activities consistent with identified needs arising from those yearly assessments;
  • Offer a varied format of educational programming to reach different areas of our target audience including group learning activities, self-learning activities as well as self-assessment opportunities;
  • Review and approve CPD activities created in partnership with medical organizations, in line with the guidelines and criteria set out by the RCPSC;
  • Co-develop CPD activities with non-medical organizations in compliance with the National Standard for Support of Accredited CPD Activities; and
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of our educational programming and its impact on attendees in their practice and research.

To view the full CASL CPD Mission Statement, please click here.

CASL educational activities include but are not limited to:

  • The Canadian Liver Meeting, held each Spring;
  • The CASL Single Topic Conference, held in the Fall;
  • Webinars including the ‘Best of… Debriefs’ series, sharing updates from international meetings;
  • Clinical Fellowship opportunities;
  • Accreditation of member and non-member CPD activities as an RCPSC-accredited provider;
  • Opportunities for the co-development of CPD activities, in our capacity as a physician organization and RCPSC-accredited CPD provider;
  • Lectures and Rounds provided in conjunction with CASL Awards such as the annual CLF-CASL Gold Medal Lecture, the CASL-CLF Sass-Kortsak Lecture, and the CASL-CLF Visiting Professorship;
  • Publication of practice guidelines, original research, case reports and other scholarship in the Canadian Liver Journal and online.

More information on these programs and additional educational resources can be accessed by clicking on the menu to the left.

Do you have ideas for the content of future CASL CPD programming or general inquiries regarding our CPD activities?  Contact the CASL office by email to provide feedback or learn more.