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CLF-CASL Gold Medal Recipients


To nominate someone for the 2024 CLF-CASL Gold Medal Award click here.
Guidelines for nomination, can be found here.

2023Marc Bilodeau
2022Norah Terrault
2021Samuel Lee
2020Thomas Michalak
2019Florence Wong
2018Gregory Gores
2017Anna Lok
2016Morris Sherman
2015Guadalupe Garcia-Tsao
2014Jordi Bruix
2013Albert Czaja
2012Jaime Bosch
2011Michael Houghton
2010Paul Adams
2009Jean-Pierre Villeneuve
2008Eve Roberts
2007Victor Feinman
2006Harvey J. Alter
2005Ian R. Wanless
2004Jenny Heathcote
2003Roger Butterworth
2002Pierre-Michel Huet
2001Jay Hoofnagle
2000Lorne Tyrell
1999Juan Rodes
1998William Wall
1997Lawrie W. Powell
1996Laurence M. Blendis
1995Diane W. Cox
1994M. James Phillips
1993Telfer B. Reynolds
1992Roger Williams
1991Hector Orrego
1990Baruch S. Blumberg
1989Hyman J. Zimmerman
1988Carl A. Goresky
1987Aron Rappaport
1986Sheila Sherlock
1985Rudi Schmid
1984Robert Purcell