CASL presents a number of awards to recognize exceptional scholarship, teaching, research, volunteer service, and support for Canadian hepatology.

CASL Distinguished Service and Meritorious Achievement Award

The Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver presents this award annually to recognize a member who has made significant contributions to CASL and to the Canadian Liver community.

Previous Recipients


CLF-CASL Gold Medal Award

The CLF-CASL Gold Medal Award was established by the Canadian Liver Foundation in 1983 as a lecture sponsorship program. The recipient, a scientist who had made or was making an outstanding contribution to liver research, was invited as a guest lecturer at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons’ Annual Conference. The first recipient was Dr. Jean-Pierre Benhamou of Paris, France.  Since 1996, the medalist is invited as a guest lecturer at the annual CASL meeting (currently as part of the Canadian Liver Meeting) and is co-presented by the CLF and CASL with a Gold Medal and commemorative plaque. 

Nominations for the CLF-CASL Gold Medal Award are now CLOSED.  Please watch your inbox and our Current Recipients page for an announcement regarding the recipient.

Previous Recipients


Education Excellence Award

Founded in 2017, this award recognizes CASL members who demonstrate exceptional scholarly activities, leadership in medical education, significant involvement in the development and/or implementation of educational programs and innovations, excellence in teaching, and a commitment to administrative duties relating to medical education.  View the Award Terms of Reference for more information on nomination requirements.

Nominations for the Education Excellence Award are now CLOSED.

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Research Excellence Award

Established in 2017, this award recognizes a CASL member who exemplifies research excellence, including but not limited to the development and/or implementation of research innovations and programs at the local, provincial and national level; publication of high-impact scholarship; and a demonstrated commitment to administrative duties that foster Canadian hepatology research.

Previous Recipients


CASL-CLF Sass Kortsak Award

In 1990, the Canadian Liver Foundation, in partnership with the Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver (CASL), created the Sass-Kortsak Award to honour the late Dr. Sass-Kortsak who made tremendous contributions to the field of hepatology and did much to further the work of the Foundation. The award is presented every two years and the recipient is invited to lecture at the Canadian Liver Meeting.

Previous Recipients


CASL-CLF Visiting Professorship

The CASL-CLF Visiting Professorship Award recognizes a CASL member who is an outstanding individual and an excellent communicator in the field of hepatology, with an interest in clinical, basic science or translation liver research.  The award recipient will deliver at least four state-of-the-art lectures at centers across Canada during the award tenure and will participate in undergraduate and postgraduate liver education as well as the exchange of ideas with staff, researchers, trainees and students.


PSC Partners Seeking a Cure Award

CASL and PSC Partners Seeking a Cure Canada are pleased to partner on this award, which recognizes the best research on PSC presented at the Canadian Liver Meeting.  The recipient will receive a $500 stipend and up to $2,500 to cover their project expenses, publication costs and/or travel to the conference to present the research.  To be considered for the award, submit your research as part of the Canadian Liver Meeting Call for Abstracts.


CIHR-INMD-CASL Early Career Researcher Partnership Award

CASL is pleased to announce the creation of the CIHR-INMD-CASL Early Career Researcher Partnership Prize, a new initiative undertaken by our organization and made possible thanks to support from CIHR Institute of Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes (INMD), as a part of CASL’s commitment to fostering exceptional research relating to all aspects of the diagnosis, treatment and management of pediatric and adult liver disease in Canada.

The CIHR-INMD-CASL Early Career Researcher Partnership Prize recognizes an exceptional young investigator with an interest in some aspect of liver disease, and who is a member of the Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver. The recipient will be recognized at the annual CASL Awards Ceremony and receives a prize of $2,500 CDN.

Nominations for the Prize are now CLOSED – for more information on eligibility criteria and nomination requirements please view the full Terms of Reference.

Your nomination package, including the completed nomination form and all attachments, should be sent to the CASL office by September 15, 2023. (CLOSED).

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