Executive Committee

Dr. Mark Swain


Dr. Carla Coffin

President Elect

Dr. Jordan Feld


Dr. Edward Tam


Board of Directors

  • Dr. Mark Swain, President
  • Dr. Carla Coffin, President Elect
  • Dr. Jordan Feld, Past-President
  • Dr. Edward Tam, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Dr. Stephen Congly, Membership Committee Chair
  • Dr. Aldo Montano-Loza, Education Committee Chair
  • Dr. Christopher Rose, Research Committee Co-Chair
  • Dr. Mamatha Bhat, Research Committee Co-Chair
  • Dr. Eric Yoshida, Equity Committee Co-Chair and CanLivJ Editor
  • Dr. Natasha Chandok, Equity Committee Co-Chair and CanLivJ Editor
  • Dr. Jennifer Flemming, Guidelines Committee Chair
  • Dr. David Peretz, Councillor
  • Dr. Puneeta Tandon, Councillor
  • Dr. Jennifer Leonard, Councillor
  • Dr. Carolina Jimenez, Councillor
  • Ms. Elizabeth Lee, Non-Voting Member and CAHN President
  • Prof. Naglaa Shoukry, Non-Voting Member and CanHepC Director
  • Ms. Jennifer Nebesky, Non-Voting Member and CLF President and CEO

Education Committee


  • Aldo Montano-Loza, AB
  • Mayur Brahmania, AB

Committee Members:

  • Orlee Guttman, BC
  • Saumya Jayakumar, BC
  • Lisa McKnight, NB
  • Alnoor Ramji, BC
  • Giada Sebastiani, QC

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee


  • Natasha Chandok, ON
  • Eric Yoshida, BC

Membership Committee


  • Stephen Congly, AB
  • Julian Hercun, QC

Committee Members:

  • Anouar Teriaky, ON

Research Committee


  • Christopher Rose, QC
  • Mamatha Bhat AB

Committee Members:

  • Julien Bissonette, QC
  • Angela Crawley, ON
  • Jennifer Estall, QC
  • Adam Gehring, ON
  • Craig Jenne, AB
  • Vladimir Marquez-Alzagar, BC
  • Magnus McLeod, NS
  • Massamiliano Paganelli, QC
  • Christian Rueda-Clausen, SK
  • Abdel-Aziz Shaheen, AB
  • Minna Woo, ON
  • Phil Wong, QC
  • Puneeta Tandon, AB

Guideline Committee


  • Jennifer Flemming, ON

Committee Members:

  • Stephen Congly, AB
  • Jeanne-Marie Giard, QC
  • Mohit Kehar, ON
  • Mary Anne Cooper, ON
  • Magnus McLeod, NS
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