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Executive Listing

Executive and Committee Members
President Marc Bilodeau QC
President Elect Jordan Feld ON
Past-President Rick Schreiber BC
Secretary/Treasurer Peter Ghali QC
Education Committee Chair Carla Coffin AB
Committee Members Orlee Gutman BC
Saumya Jayakumar AB
Lisa McKnight NL
Xin Xiong ON
Membership Committee Chair Stephen Congly AB
Committee Members  Meredith Borman AB
Research Committee Co-Chair Christopher Rose QC
Research Committee Co-Chair Juan Gonzales-Abraldes AB
Committee Members Lisa Barrett NS
Julien Bissonette QC
Angela Cheung ON
Aliya Gulamhusein ON
Jennifer Estall QC
Jennifer Flemming ON
Craig Jenne AB
Vladimir Marquez-Alzagar BC
Massamiliano Paganelli QC
Selena Sagan QC
Abdel-Aziz Shaheen AB
Joyce Wilson SK
Board of Directors 
Marc Bilodeau QC
Rick Schreiber BC
Jordan Feld ON
Peter Ghali QC
Carla Coffin AB
Stephen Congly AB
Christopher Rose QC
Puneeta Tandon AB
Jennifer Leonard NF
Steven Martin ON
Julien Bissonette QC
Eric Yoshida BC
Gary Fagan Canadian Liver Foundation – Non-Voting
Donna Zukowski CAHN – Non-Voting
Naglaa Shoukry NCRTP – Non-Voting